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Treasurer, Director, and Educator
Sarah Fick is a founding member of People's Justice League.  She is a lifelong resident of Southeast Ohio.  She graduated with a Bachelor's of Science in Education from Ohio University in 2003 and is now setting down roots on her small farm in Meigs County near where the forebears of her family name originally immigrated 9 generations ago.
Fundraising Coordinator & Healthy Masculinity Instructor
Jamie Betit is the owner-operator of Functional Integrated Training, the father of two dynamic young ladies, and the newest member of the Peoples Justice League Team! The majority of his adult life, has been spent serving members of society that have a voice that needs to be heard. His journey started in the halls of Drug Rehabilitation Centers in Maine working and standing with addicts seeking a life free from addiction.  He was selected by the Governor of Maine to serve with ten others on the J.A.G.
President & Self Defense Instructor
Devin Aeh Canary is a founding member of People's Justice League.  She has been teaching women's self-defense since 2006, with the guidance and support of the many women warriors who came before her, including the amazing women at The National Women's Martial Arts Federation. She is also an organizer for Athens Rock Camp for Girls.  Devin teaches based on the feminist empowerment model and strives to help women and LGBT people reclaim their power.
Secretary of the Board of Directors
Caty Crabb is a practicing clinical herbalist and founding organizer with Athens Rock Camp for Girls and Athens Books to Prisoners.

Founding Team

Founding Team
Priyanka Silmi was a founding member of People's Justice League.  She studied Communication and Development Studies in Ohio University and is now a Doctoral Student at University of California, San Diego.  Her commitment to end violence against women has driven her academic interest to research on use of technology to support women facing different forms of violence. Her professional experience includes working in women’s and LGBT issues, children, disability, development, and grant writing.