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Athens Books to Prisoners

Athens Books to Prisoners is now a project of People's Justice League.  Athens Books to Prisoners is a volunteer-run organization that sends free books to prisoners in Ohio upon request. We believe that books have the power to decrease the isolation and dehumanization of the prison system, and stimulate individual growth and positive change. Many of the requests we receive are from prisoners with little or no access to adequate prison libraries or educational programs. Athens Books to Prisoners is a community based direct action response to that problem.  We acknowledge the devastating effects that prison, policing, and surveillance have on poor communities, communities of color, and other targeted communities. We hope that, as a survival program, Athens Books to Prisoners can contribute to the resilience of these communities and their battle against the prison industrial complex.  We have book packing nights on first and third Wednesdays from 7-9pm at 30 1st Street and book drops for donations at 30 1st Street and at Athens Book Center.  For more information, visit the Athens Books to Prisoners website and like the Facebook page.