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Active Bystander Coalition

People's Justice League is working to build a network of supportive environments within the Southeast Ohio region. Each participating space has signed the Active Bystander Coalition Promise and completed our 2-hour training program on bystander intervention and supporting survivors of harassment and assault. If you experience harassment or violence near or within these spaces, the staff should take you seriously, deal with the harasser, and offer additional support resources if you need them. Everyone has the right to feel safe, supported, and respected. You can show these local businesses your appreciation by going to a show, buying a coffee, or having a drink or a meal.

Donkey Coffee

Joined Nov 2013: last training, Nov 2017

Jackie O's Pub & Brewery

Joined Jan 2014; last training, April 2016

O'Betty's Red Hot

Joined April 2014; last training, Jan 2017

The Union

Joined Aug 2016

West End Ciderhouse

Joined Sept 2016

Ohio Pawpaw Festival

Joined Sept 2016

The C.I.

Joined Nov 2016

The Crystal

Joined Nov 2016

Little Fish Brewing Company

Joined Aug 2017


By signing onto this promise, we agree to:
  • Take complaints of harassment, discrimination, and violence against customers or staff seriously
  • Remove any offending parties from our space as needed
  • Ensure our staff, particularly those responsible for security, are aware of our policies
  • Post the “ABC” logo sticker provided by People's Justice League in a prominent place for all employees and patrons to see
  • Use the resources given to us by People's Justice League to better understand the issues at hand as well as the best methods for dealing with them
  • Inform survivors of the option to share their story publicly and anonymously on the People's Justice League Incident Reporter by handing out informational cards


PJL reserves the right to remove businesses from this campaign for failing to uphold this pledge.