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Sarah's Story


Yesterday I was walking past the Trisolini Gallery in Baker on my way to the Women's Center. The art caught my eye so I stepped in to have a quick peek. There was a guy in there walk around in circles not looking at the art. I wasn't immediately concerned about him, but I could tell that the girl sitting at the table staffing the gallery was watching him uncomfortably. I looked at the art for a little while, and when I got about half way through the room, he walked up to me, leaned in close, and said sort of creepily, "So, what brings you here?" I took a step back, which I know you're not supposed to do, and politely answered his question with some mindless babble about the art catching my eye as I was walking by, and I went back to looking at the art, trying to make it very clear with my body language that I was not interested in talking with him further. He went back to pacing around. I looked at the girl at the table. She was nervously watching him. I considered saying something to her, but was nervous that he would overhear. I left and felt bad about not doing anything, so on my way out, I stopped by the Event Services desk, told the student worker there that the girl working the Trisolini table seemed really uncomfortable with a guy that's in there pacing around awkwardly. I asked him to go check on her, ask if she needs anything. He said he would and got up to go do it. I hope she felt supported by this.

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Thursday, November 20, 2014 - 16:15
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