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2 of 3 from Graybear "3 New Stories from Graybear: Harassment and Public Indecency while Jogging. And again, the police do nothing."


[Originally one story, split into three stories to represent each location.] Another jogging story – on an early weekday morning before work, I was taking a short run around our neighborhood in Kettering, OH. I was passing the golf course on my left when a car with ladders strapped to the hood turned my way. As the car got closer, I could see two men in the front ogling me and grinning like mad. When they began to pass me, they started yelling and banging the sides of the cars with their hands. “Baby, please! Baby, please! Get in….” I slipped between the parked cars to run on the sidewalk, and as I did, I could see the car going out of control. The dumbass driver sideswiped a line of 5 cars before coming to rest against a tree. Once more, my outrage went from whitehot to humor in seconds. This time, though, I knew I couldn’t just stand there laughing and hotfooted it down the street as fast as I could. This time, when I called the cops with the license plate, they did send a car out. You know, property damage and all that. I never found out what happened to the driver, though.

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Thursday, February 21, 2013 - 20:45
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