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Athens Rock Camp for Girls

Athens Rock Camp For Girls is now a project of People's Justice League. Athens Rock Camp for Girls is a week-long day camp where girls learn an instrument, form a band, write songs, and perform a show at the end of the week. Self-defense, stage presence, flyer making, booking shows, and other elective classes are also offered.  The camp is open to girls and gender non conforming individuals ages 12 to 18.

We also now have an after-school program that meets at Arts West each Monday when Athens City Schools are in session from 3-5 p.m. The goals of the after school program are to have more regular contact with campers and continue our support throughout the school year as well as to provide practice space that could enable bands to stay together and keep playing out throughout the year. Individual music lessons are also provided for girls and gender non-conforming individuals not yet in bands. The after-school program is open to students from any of our area schools ages 12-18.

The Athens Ohio Rock Camp for Girls builds self-esteem through music creation and performance. By providing workshops and technical training, we create leadership opportunities, cultivate a supportive community of peers and mentors, and encourage social change and the development of life skills. For more information visit the Athens Rock Camp for Girls website and like us on Facebook.